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parcel out is vital and necessary for the economy of a society. Trade pass ons through communication between capital deals and can result in cultural diffusion. Some of the approximately significant trade routes include: the Silk Road, the Trans Saharan trade, the Indian maritime trade and the Hanseatic League. Fairs and markets played a key role in the exchange of goods. Humbert de Romans, a professor of theology and a process of the Dominican Order, wrote that there is a difference between fairs and markets because they twain cast separate durations and purposes. (POV) Fairs occur once a year, stir large items, attract people from afar and are held in different locations. Markets occur weekly, have daily necessities, ar e meant for honey oil towns folk and are ever so held in the like location. He believed markets caused men to break the rules of the Church. (Doc.5) Bernal Diaz of Castillo visited the Aztec nuance of Mexico. He traveled to a massive market which was swell up organise and included all types of goods from New Spain along with a buckle down market. (Doc.
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2) Markets and fairs made it possible for trading to occur. Many people including Marco Polo traveled to the city of Cathay (modern day China). Francesco Balducci Pegolotti, a prole for a F lorentine merchant, indicated things needed ! for merchants who wished to travel to Cathay. (POV) These included: allow your rim grow long, finding a dragoman (guide/translator), taking at to the lowest degree two decent men servants who speak the Cumanian (Tatar) language, supplies which allow for stomach 25 days, flour and salt fish. (Doc.8) The Franciscan non-Christian priest behind of Monte Corvino traveled to Cathay to visit the emperor of the Tartars. He gave the Emperor a letter from the Pope requesting he get in touch the Catholic faith, but the Emperor denied...If you want to determine a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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